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Thank you... 

Thank you for being willing to pray.  We believe in the power of prayer and recognize that apart from God all of our efforts are completely empty. 

We are so thankful for each individual who is willing to regularly pray for our family and for Thailand. 

We want to keep you informed- so each month we will be sending an email newsletter to give updates on our lives, ministry, and share prayer requests. This is a great way to stay up to date and have tangible and current things to pray for. You can sign up for the email newsletter below.

Initially please pray for our family as we all adjust to living half a world apart.  Please pray that we will adjust well in our new home and adapt to the Thai culture well.  Additionally, pray that we will be able to learn to speak Thai well and relatively quickly.  Pray that we would follow God's direction as he leads us here in Thailand.

*NOTE: The first email is likely to deliver to your spam folder. Moving it to your inbox or marking it as "not spam" should fix the issue for future emails.

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