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Our Story

Doug and Paulette have been married for over 30 years.  Doug left the corporate world over 13 years ago to serve as the Executive pastor at Crosspoint Church..  They expected to serve at Crosspoint for the rest of their days..  However, God had different plans for them.  

Crosspoint has been very active in doing mission work all around the world.  We began to partner with Baan Athitaan church in Chiang Rai, Thailand in 2016.  Thailand is one of the least reached parts of the world.  In fact, almost 99 out of 100 people do not know Jesus, most have never even heard His name...  This fact has been heavy on our hearts as we have fallen in love with the Thai people.  We began to pray as a church for God to encourage someone to move to Thailand and start a school and church in the small town of Phayao.  As it turns out that "someone" is US!  

God has called us to serve in Thailand and so in October of 2023 we began to close down our household and sell or give away everything we possessed.  After over a year of preparation and hard work they relocated to Chiang Rai Thailand!

Doug and Paulette have joined the Northern Thailand Impact Ministry (N.T.I.M) and will enter Thailand as part of this organization!  We have begun to serve at Baan Athitaan Church and Grace Language School in Chiang Rai teaching English and spreading the gospel.  Our goal is to learn Central Thai and continue to learn about the Thai culture.  After 18-24 months of intensive language study we will begin to search for a location in Phayao to plant a school and church.  This is a small university town that is about 1.5 hours South of Chiang Rai.  Here we plan to follow the same model that has been used by Michael in Chiang Rai to reach the people with the Gospel - English.

Our plan is to start a school to teach English as a second language.  As we teach English we will share the gospel with the students.  Over time we will be able to build the church in Phayao!  This is a long and difficult process as their beliefs are deeply rooted in Buddhism.  We covet your prayers as we begin our journey!!

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