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Join Us In Thailand

Consider a short term mission trip to Thailand

There are many opportunities to Serve.

Email Doug for more information..


Teaching Opportunities

One of the ways we strategically reach out into our community is through building relationships through teaching English. You can bring a team out to partner with our English language school called Grace Language School (GLS) to help us impact our world for Jesus. We have many types of teaching opportunities.



 Thai children love sports, but the opportunities are not often available in schools outside of football (soccer).  Every boy will know the star players of British Premier Football but at the same time has never experienced a simple game of fun such as volleyball, dodgeball. A sports clinic of some kind is most appreciated and the opportunities abound.  It just takes some basic equipment such as net and balls and you are off. A basketball, volleyball, American football, or soccer clinic of two or three days, could be a wonderful way to impact the lives of children. Organizing a clinic or sports day with training and some prizes would be a great way to touch the lives of children.


Medical Missions

We live in a part of the world where poverty is high, education is low, needs are great, darkness is everywhere, and the love and message of Jesus is needed to transform lives. God has given NTIM an amazing opportunity to minister to many very poor children who are now cared for in Christian children’s homes. You could use your medical expertise in your medical and dental fields to provide checkups, treatment, and minor medical attention to some of the poorest of the poor in the context of a Christian ministry.

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